Selecting the Best Casino to Play your Favorite Gambling Games

We had a word with Caesar Casino’s floor manager, Jay Bean about casino games with the best winning odds. The first thing he said was people don’t know that table games offer much higher odds than slot games. They are afraid of the card sharks eating up their money and like to stick to the safer games – slots. He says these people are doing themselves a great disfavor. Bean advises moving to Blackjack table after spending some time at slot machines and begin with observation of the tables. We recommend some of the best casino sites to try different types of games.

Types of Casino Games and Odds

Blackjack offers the best winning odds among all, with the edge of just 1% at most casinos. The other thing that makes it better than others is playing against a dealer and not the skilled poker champions. Bean says that Blackjack is one of the simplest games to play. Here, you just look for a number beating the dealer’s number without exceeding 21. Novice players can sit down at the table of one of the best casino places when it is free and the dealer would explain you the game.

However, things are not the same with poker. Such a game is to be practiced with friends first until you are completely comfortable playing it.

Bean suggest moving to Craps table from Blackjack. This is the second best game at winning odds. For beginners, the game can be confusing at first but it is not that tough. Craps offers a great chance of winning. After all, you are just betting on a dice roll here.